Cultivate your audience with social media marketing

Social media is a powerful, ever-changing tool in the marketing landscape. We’re here to help you use your story to fuel a strategic social media campaign that’s going to resonate with your audience and deliver on your goals.

Whether it’s brand awareness campaign to introduce your new venture to the right audience, or an engagement campaign to drive commerce, donations, or ticket sales: we can help. 

Your social media package can include:

Social Content Strategy

What should I post on social media? This is the #1 question we are asked about social media marketing. Our social content strategy answers that question, and tells you the “what, how, when, and where” to make your social content soar.


Social Media Marketing Training

If you’re a non-marketer doing DIY social for your organization, or you have staff or volunteers new to digital marketing who are running your social accounts, we’ll provide custom training program to get them planning and managing your social media marketing with ease.


Social Account & Competitor Audit

For a new or evolving business or organization, an account audit evaluates what’s working on your social, what’s missing, and what’s ready for an update. If your organization has recently gone through large changes in direction or staffing, an audit and analysis can provide a strong, data-based foundation for your next step.

Full Social Media Management

We’ll handle all of your social planning, posting, and engagement/moderation, and provide regular analytics reports on performance. This is a great option for organizations who don’t have a FT digital marketer, but need robust digital outreach.

Starts at $1000/month.


Social Content Creation

Using new and existing evergreen content, we’ll generate posts optimized for specific platforms, in line with your strategy goals. We can deliver the content to you to post, or you can use our Full Social Media Management service to have us handle it.


Social Media Advertising

Social ad campaigns can be a cost-effective way to promote your offerings to a specific audience, or retarget an existing audience. If you’re trying to reach a group with specific interests or geographic locations, paid social advertising can provide a high ROI.

Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

We can help you harness social media to adapt to new business circumstances during coronavirus. Not sure how you should be utilizing your organization’s social accounts right now? We have expert guidance ready to create a path forward. 

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