Take your marketing performance to the next level with digital strategy

Strategy is the magic behind the marketing. It’s the art and science of delivering interesting, compelling, and delightful content to the audience that will most appreciate it, and act on it.  

It’s  the how, when, where, and why of every piece of content in your marketing plan. A good strategy brings your marketing elements together in perfect harmony to complement each other and strengthen the whole. And that moment, when everything resonates with the right timing? That’s the moment that turns followers into fans.

Why you need strategy in your marketing:


Without strategy, you’re just throwing (attractive, expensive) pasta at the wall, and seeing what sticks. We like pasta, too, but we don’t want to waste it. Strategy means your resources and valuable content are used in an intentional way to get the most impact from your digital marketing.


Digital Content Strategy

Our content strategy answers the “what, how, when, where, and why” for your digital content. We’ll identify the platforms and tools that will best serve your goals, and map out all of your content variation for social media, email, website content, blog posts, video, and more.


Digital Marketing Training

If you’re a non-marketer doing DIY social for your organization, or you have staff or volunteers that are new to digital marketing running your social accounts, we can create a custom training plan to get them ready to execute coordinated, targeted digital campaigns to advance your organization’s goals.


Digital Marketing Audit & Competitor Analysis

For a new or evolving business/orgniazation, an account evaluated what’s currently working well in your digital marketing, what’s missing, and what needs an update. If your organization has recently experienced a change of direction, offerings, or staffing, a baseline audit and analysis can provide a strong foundation for the next step of updating, reviving, or scaling your marketing.

Funnel/Pipeline/Flywheel Strategy

Look, there are a lot of different metaphors for how a customer or patron reaches you. The important question: is your digital marketing structure efficient and effective in moving them closer to you? This kind of strategy work makes sure that your social, email, website, and advertising content are all working together to give your prospects as smooth a ride as possible to the finish line.

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