Take your marketing performance to the next level with marketing strategy

Strategy is the magic behind the marketing. It’s the art and science of delivering interesting, compelling, and delightful content to the audiences that will most appreciate it, and act on it.  

It’s  the how, when, where, and why of every piece of content in your marketing plan. A good strategy brings your marketing elements together in perfect harmony to complement each other and strengthen the whole. And that moment, when everything resonates with the right timing? That’s the moment that turns followers into fans.

Welcome to the Dropped Aitch Strategy Program

A 3-phase process to evaluate, repair, or establish effective and sustainable marketing for your organization.

If you or your marketing team is asking ….

“Do we really need social media? What platforms should we use?”

“How can my business reach new customers/clients/audiences?”

“How can I speed up my sales process?”

“What should we be posting on social media?”

“How do we know if any of our marketing is working?”

“How do I get [insert magical number] of followers/subscribers?” 

—then congratulations! You’re asking important questions, and these questions are all part of a digital marketing strategy. Most businesses can tell you what tools they’re using for their marketing. Can they also identify why and how you use those tools, and what results they deliver? That’s where the magic happens. That’s why we believe in using strategy.

A strategy-based approach to your marketing tells you what’s working, what needs help, and what unrealized opportunities you have. We help you break that information down into actionable tasks and workflows.

Our program gives you director-level strategy for your in-house marketing

We designed this program for companies with a marketing person or small team who are handling day-to-day marketing tasks, but need a big-picture guidance from a marketing expert to map out a successful marketing strategy, and implement the systems that will allow you to deliver on that strategy.


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Who can benefit from our strategy program?

  1.  Businesses and organizations who are ready to update or expand their current digital marketing efforts.
  2. Organizations that are overwhelmed by too many marketing activities, with no way to tell what’s working best.
  3. Established businesses and organization with big goals that require new or improved digital marketing tactics.
  4. New businesses who aren’t sure where to start with their marketing activities.

How the Dropped Aitch Strategy Program works

Phase 1: Assessment

Your Assessment starts with an intake questionnaire and 90-minute discussion (Zoom or phone) with creative director Julia Beers. After reviewing your current marketing program, you’ll receive a report summarizing the efficacy of your current digital marketing strategy and tools. 

As you review the report, our team will prepare your new digital strategy.


Phase 2: Plan Creation & Recommendations

At the 60-minute Plan Overview Call, you and Julia will review your new Digital Marketing Strategy Plan, which covers:

  • The  tools & platforms that will get the best results for your organization 
  • A plan of what content gets posted where and when
  • A “How-To” guide of best practices for different platforms (Facebook vs. email marketing) specific to YOUR brand.
  • Recommended metrics and insights for your team to track and evaluate, and training on how to continue that going forward.

As part of the plan, you’ll receive:

  • One-month content calendar with detailed post content, posting times, channel recommendations, and suggested creative.
  • One-month email calendar with content, suggested audience segments, suggested creative, and post examples
  • One-month digital ad plan with ad text, suggested creative,and target audience information
  • Recommendations to improve the functioning of your marketing (e.g. set up segmented email audiences, enable Analytics on website, build targeted ad audiences on Facebook, etc.)

Phase 3: Implementation and Support

You’ll have access to two 45-minute consultations within three months for follow-up questions, implementation assistance, and further guidance. You’ll also receive the following resources and templates to use in implementing your new strategy:

  • Template: 12-month Content Planning Calendar spreadsheet ready for you to fill in your content based on your strategy
  • Template: Tracking Your Social Media Metrics 
  • Guide to Business Engagement on Social Media
  • Guide to Social Media Marketing Workflow


The Dropped Aitch Strategy Package starts at $3500, but we’ll give you a specific quote based on the volume of work for your custom package and the length of engagement. Deep marketing strategy work isn’t one-size fits all, and our pricing reflects that.

    Let’s put some direction in your digital marketing.

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