Your marketing strategy called. It wants video.

Video marketing is the fastest-growing area of digital marketing, and a powerful tool for increased conversions, qualified leads, and audience growth.

We use a variety of production styles and elements, including animation, stock videography, on-site videography, and professionally produced voiceover to create high-quality, high-performing video content that captures your audience’s attention.

Video for virtual interaction during COVID-19

During a time of limited in-person gatherings, video can be an effective way to deliver introduce your company, promote your offerings, or present product demos or sales presentations. Heading to a virtual conference? Consider refreshing your video content to appeal to new customers.

If your staff is overwhelmed with Zoom calls, consider whether things like repeat demos or trainings can be codified into sleek, professionally produced videos that capture more leads, and allow your staff to focus on high-ROI prospects farther along the sales pipeline.

What kinds of video do we do? Whatever the project calls for.

Our video marketing services include:

Brand or Organization Videos

A brand video introduces your organization and its key messaging to your audience in a succinct and engaging format. This kind of video can use a combination of animation, stock footage, still photography, or video footage provided by the client*. Usually 1-5 minutes. 

Ideal for businesses and organizations looking to introduce their offerings to a wider audience, or to ignite interest in a pivot or new offering.

*Due to COVID-19, our ability to offer on-site videography shoots is highly limited. Please contact us directly to discuss logistics and restrictions for on-site videography in your area. 


Product Demo Videos

Professional product demo or training videos are a great way to differentiate your solution from the crowd.

Using a combination of product screencapture, photos, and animation, we’ll script your demo to deliver a clear and engaging product journey, and provide professional editing and voiceover. You’ll receive your video in as many formats as you need in order to share on on your website and social platforms. Demo and training videos can be as short or as long as needed, or can be broken up into a video play list of different chapter. 

Idea for businesses selling products that utilize sales demos, or technical or consumer training.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a powerful way to make technical or complicated products or services clear, relevant, and memorable for your audience.

We’ll develop your message into a compelling story, and provide you with a video optimized to perform on your website and any social platforms you use. Usually 30 seconds to 4 minutes long.

Ideal for:

  • A fun and lighthearted introduction to your business
  • A high-level introduction to your technical or software products– a prospect will often watch 90 seconds of animation before saying yes to a 20-minute demo.
  • Audience education– teach your audience a few important things relevant to your business offering or organization’s mission.

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